To Hell With Fate

or, Why the best Valentine’s Gifts come from Mini-Marts

A story about why “Young Love” is a myth, but why we need it anyway.

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About The Book

It’s something we’re conditioned to expect by movies and stories. It’s something we all wanted but could never find. And even when we got older and discovered the truth, we still wish, just a little, that we had had it.

To Hell With Fate; or Why the Best Valentine’s Gifts Come From Mini-Marts is the tale of two young cousins who find themselves bored to tears at a family funeral. In their boredom, they find another cousin willing to tell them a little story about his young love: how a simple Valentine’s Day gift became one of the best things he’d ever done. He’d intended that to be a momentary distraction, but the girls began to want more.


Soon he was telling them about the two girls he knew that took part in that story. The one that he very publicly had a crush on, the one that he privately cared for. The stories were about how he met them, and how they got to that Valentine’s Day. He told them about going to Paris in college, and how one of them ended up joining him there. But it was up to them to figure out who it was.

It was a fine story on its own, but as the girls dug deeper, they find themselves enveloped in a longer saga, told one piece at a time. One about the difference between a crush and love. One that challenges their notions of fate and perfection. One about how our own worst enemies can be ourselves, and how in the end, we’re all just a little messed up.

And that’s okay.

To Hell With Fate; or Why the Best Valentine’s Gifts Come From Mini-Marts is the first book from author Kevin J. Cunningham, and is published by Untreed Reads.  It is available in ebook format across all major ebook stores.  It is also available in print (with a free ebook copy) from the Untreed Reads store!

What’s inside

Chapter 1

“Oh, and this story is the best of all of my books. It’s about this girl, who’s in high school, and she’s an artist, and a writer, and stuff like that, you know, creative, and she falls for the hottest guy in school, and so…”

“Let me guess. She gets him to fall for her?”

“No, actually…”

“She’s got a best friend who likes her, and eventually she realizes he’s a perfect match for her and gets the friend.”

“Yeah, that’s right. You’ve read it?”

Samantha Campbell heaved a big sigh. She was sitting in the back seat of a rental van with her cousin, bouncing along a Phoenix highway. Her uncle and aunt were lost in conversation up front, with her younger cousin Robert in the middle seat,




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“The secondary characters were so well developed they could have almost carried the plot without Samantha’s presence. Joseph’s playful sense of humor and willingness to do almost anything to keep the peace quickly cemented him as one of my favourite extended family members. To Hell With Fate was a delightful read and the perfect book for anyone who has ever had conflicting emotions about their family of origin or sat in the corner wondering how they ended up with such a hodgepodge of well meaning (if overbearing) relations.”

4 Stars out of 5

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About the author

Kevin was inspired to write this story as he grew up, and found how our expectations for what will be our happy endings changed as we got older.  The idea of romance, and what we want, is an ever-changing subjective topic as we get older.  This is true not only in the overwhelming body known as ‘society’ but also among each of ourselves individually.  Whether or not it gets better or more realistic, or both, as we get older is still open for discussion.

Please be kind, don’t feed the animals, and don’t do anything he would do.

Kevin J. Cunningham