Where To Buy

To Hell With Fate, or Why The Best Valentine’s Gifts Come From Mini-Marts is available for purchase now in both print and electronic form!

The book is available for print on demand at Untreed Reads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  The print price is $18.99, and comes with a free eBook copy!  You can also order the book at any bookstore that features an Espresso Book Machine and get it in your hands that very day.  Click the logo below to order!


If you are a bookstore or other retailer, and are interested in carrying the book, please contact us here and we will get you in touch with my publisher to place an order.

The ebook version is available from most major ebook stores, and no matter which ebook store you buy it at, it’s $4.99 (or less) everywhere!

Wherever you buy it, please add the book on GoodReads!

The main place to purchase is directly from my publisher, Untreed Reads.  They offer it in the four major ebook formats (you pay once and get all four)!

Formats: EPUB (iPad, iPhone and other e-Readers), HTML, PDF, MOBI (Kindle Devices)

It’s also available on:

For Apple Books on iPad, iPhone, Macintosh, and iPod Touch

For…Guess what?  The Nook!

Due to Amazon’s conduct during its dispute with Hachette, I have chosen to place Amazon’s link at the bottom of my page.  While I know that, for the many users of Kindles, purchasing from Amazon is the most convenient way to do so.  However, I encourage you to purchase from one of the other retailers, many of whom sell Kindle-compatible formats.  In particular, I recommend the Untreed Reads store.  To read why I have done this, please click here.

Due to price-matching rules that are abused by others, “To Hell With Fate” is currently unavailable on the Google Play store.  I hope that, once certain policies are changed that won’t affect independent authors so significantly (either by Google or by Amazon), my book will return to Google.